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 We take great pride in our work. We  deliver best in class horse show jumps. Our Clients satisfaction, loyalty and increased performance is what we strive to achieve.

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Since 1987, Classy Courses Inc. has been combining quality materials and professional design to create custom show jumps and equestrian accessories. We strongly believe unique design of each jump adds style and interest to any show ring. The possibilities represented by our craftsmen are limitless.


Our Crafts

For our horse jumps we use only the best materials, from certified, environmentally conscious providers

We use the highest grade solid core marine plywood. We only use stainless steel fasteners. Be that aluminum or lumber, we deeply understand characteristics of each material we work with and know how to get best possible results out of it.


Every step of a jump construction is equally important

Our pressure treated timber is also kiln dried. Wood drying is an important part of wood processing and is directly responsible for end product quality. The benefit of kiln drying the timber is that it is dried in a controlled environment, has rigorous testing, and is far quicker than traditional methods resulting in higher grade outcome material. Our horse jumps are less likely to suffer distortion, staining or drying stresses (i.e. warping or bowing).

Our Jumps were present at

Providing quality horse show jumps for leading competition

We build our horse jumps start to finish

We built our own manufacturing environment. The jumps are being built completely in-house, in USA, with no work being outsourced.  Our team is highly specialized and motivated. We are experts in our field and by being involved in each of the jump construction steps can guarantee highest standards of quality are being met.

Our horse jumps are built to last

Sealing the horse jump is just as important as any other step. To ensure the seal quality we only use the finest marine enamel primers and paints from Sherwin Williams. Our products are built to last in tropical environments.


Ocala, Florida