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In some sports quality of equipment is more important than in others. You are going to be using your horse jump for years to come, so you want it to be safe for you and your horse, durable and built to last.

We understand that and deliver top-tier horse jumps, that aren’t any different to the ones we provide for most important equine events. What makes our horse jumps so good? We  believe it’s a sum of many things. It’s quality materials – a jump is only as good and only as durable as it’s weakest part. It’s the smart design, that comes from experience and working with equestrians in real showjumping environment, that can be earned only with time. It’s the details, know-how and extra effort we put into our jumps to make sure every single one of them meets the highest of our standards.

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We earned our experience working on numerous projects. We have supplied equestrians, horse jump shows and horse sports enthusiasts for over 3 decades, since 1987 with quality, precision and performance. Got any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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