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Premium Materials – Wood and Aluminum Horse Jumps

GetJumps offers unmatched precision and durability when it comes to building professional equestrian jumps. The best premium-grade horse jumps are made of durable aluminum instead of polyethylene. You may already realize that aluminum is far more durable than polyethylene but its advantages go far beyond simple concerns of longevity.

Key benefits of using premium materials in our equestrian jumps are:
  • Increased Tensile Strength
  • Optimal Weight
  • Unmatched Durability
  • Appearance
  • Built-In Keyhole Tracks

 Horse Jumps Suitable for Training and Competitions

At GetJumps, all of our premium grade aluminum/wooden jumps are suitable for both training and competition purposes because of the following qualities.

  • Training

Aluminum/Wooden frames with euro-spruce poles make training with your horse quicker and safer. Weight of each pole is a lot less forgiving than weight of a polyethylene jump making your horse respect it more and learn faster. We mill cup keyholes directly into our aluminum frame wings making adjusting the height of the horse jump brief and simple so each your training session is optimally productive.

  • Competing

All our horse jumps are designed by USEF certified course designer with over 3 decades of experience. Our Equestrian jumps are made to conform all USEF and USHJA horse show jump requirements. As such, they can be used by professionals and businesses alike.

Pressure Treated, Kiln Dried Wood For Top Performance

Each Pole we use is carefully selected and tested against any naturally occurring faults ensuring desired consistency and uniformity.  We use kiln-dried and pressure-treated wood for maximum material durability.  We coat our Jumps with Sherwin Williams marine enamel coatings. Materials we use in our Horse Jumps are guaranteed to last and serve you well for years.

Precision and Quality

We believe there is no room for compromises when it comes to your and your horse’s safety. To ensure every detail and every part of your jump conform with our standards we made a commitment to build every part of the jump in our own manufacturing environment. We don’t outsource work – we design, model, build and coat our wooden and aluminum horse jumps in-house. Only that way can we guarantee the quality of your jump.


Made in USA

All our Horse Jumps are made entirely in our in-house workshop in Ocala, Florida.

Global Horse Jump Delivery

We deliver Jumps globally. Order a whole horse jump package, customize it or order parts of it and upon checkout provide us with your location. We will contact you back with a personalized transport quote for your order. If you have any questions feel free to talk to us or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.


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